awk-tober 2014

hola people of the world wide web! happy month of halloween!! this month is going to be very very exciting! to start, hope everyone has a safe and easy fast, of course to those that are participating. Our meeting on Monday the 6th IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU TRY TO ATTEND!! We are trying to pass a motion, therefore need as many girls present as we can. Next, on Saturday the 11th, we are having a Nahavah (Nava&Ahavah) Sukkot program! This will be a super fun prog that will help us bond with our sister chapter! That following Saturday the 18th will be our Sisterhood Sleepover! Come and bring potential members to real get a feel about who Nava is and what we are about — and also be ready for an extremely fun night!! Lastly, we will NOT have a meeting on the 25th due to RLTI/NMW. RLTI is an amazing convention promoting leadership and friendship within our region (only open to 10th-12th graders), and NMW is a convention especially open to 9th graders for them to get a feel of what to expect within the next 4 years of BBYO. Please contact either I or Sam Myers (our N’siah/President) if you are interested in going! ALSO IC REGISTRATION OPENED!!! SIGN UP ASAP, AND WE WILL SEE Y’ALL IN ATLANTA! Well, thats about it for now! See all of your lovely shining faces on Monday Night at 7PM at the J!

WUL, Katie


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