hola chica ladies! happy turkey month! we have a very fun month ahead of us. to start, tonight we have a super fun chill movie night program! it is going to be a night to bond with your sisters so be there! This monday we have one of THE BEST MEETINGS OF THE TERM!!!! Heartthrob elections! Be there to embarrass a bunch of Aleph’s and elect a few unofficial members to our chapter. Friday the 7th is AZA/BBG Global Shabbat, so we will have a shabbat program! No program the following day. The next weekend is BRAVA!! This is an annual convention we have with our brother chapter, Brandeis, and Nava then sleeps over at the house. The week after that we are having a Navatos Shabbat! Shabbat with Lantos will be taking place on November 21! November 26 brings us Sweetheart Heartthrob! This is BBYO’s homecoming, and we get to dress up all fancayy and take pics w brandeis! That saturday we will have a chill program due to thanksgiving, and will go ice skating in RTC! Well, we have a crazy month ahead of us, lets make it the best!! WUL, Katie


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