Hello wonderful human beings currently reading this!

A lot is going down in BBYO land this month:

On December 6th, we will be hosting a Mean Girls program, which will be a prof centered around our chapter movie, Mean Girls (obviously)!! The following weekend brings us a Super-Awesome-Mini-Convention Program! Wow! I cannot wait to see what that holds. The next day, dec 14, is ELECTIONS! An elections video will be coming your way shortly, once i figure out how to get it from my phone to youtube….
Moving along, Sweetheart/Heartthrob (BBYO’s homecoming) has been postponed until December 21st 2014 from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Pre dance photos w brandeis are still TBD,

Registration Options:
1) I am not currently registered- but I want to go! Register here for $55 by 11:59pm on Monday, December 15th.…/aHR0cDovL2ItbGlua2VkLmJieW8ub3JnL…/9918/0
2) I am currently registered and I’m excited to attend! No action required. See you on December 21st.
3)I am currently registered but can no longer attend. All those that complete this form by 11:59pm on Monday, December 15th will be issued a full refund. No further emails or calls required- your refund will be issued within 3 business days of completing the form.…/1a_ncoX8pCcif87wlBs89mkP…/viewform

Then we go on winter break and have lotsa fun

Have a warm december, kids!



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