Hello all! Here is what is going on in the universe of the navajo tribe!
First off, we elected our Spring Term 2015 board, congrats to everyone who ran!!
N’siah: Hannah Garelick
S’ganit: Rachel Hyman
MIT Moms: Anna Marcus and Rebecca Eisen
Sh’licha: Madeline Swerdlow
Gizborit: Nicole Hyman
Katvanit: Katie Schreck
Mazkirah: Carly Steinberg
Sunshine Girls: Leia Cohen and Becca Carin

Ok, now onto January!
This month brings us lots exciting things! When we started January, RC Prep was the first program of the new year! At this program we started to bring our spirits to life and learned some cheers! We then had our last meeting of the term (sad face). This weekend was our annual leadership convention, NLTI. It was coordinated by Carly and Ronnie, and had amazing programming. I am so beyond proud of everyone who put work into the convention, it was awesome! NO MEETING MONDAY JANUARY 12th! RC RC RC RC! Rc is upon us, and we could not be more excited! RC is an amazing 4-day spirit convention that happens every January. Our spirits are amazingly-awesome, therefore Nava will be bringing home the spirit gavel this year. Get excited, ladies! The following week our N’siah, Sam Myers, will be giving her states to the chapter at the JCC. See the Facebook group for more information!

That’s a wrap, kids. It has been my pleasure serving as your Mazkirah this term and I have had so much fun updating the website!! I cannot wait to see what Carly will do in the upcoming term!



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