Hey Nava,

I am so excited for the fantastic month of February! First off tomorrow we have an INTAKE MEETING!!! During this meeting eighth graders with be in groups looking at all the chapter DC council has to offer them. Show off your Nava spirit to the prospective members. REMEMBER this Saturday 2/7 we have no program because we have THE ZUMBA KICKOFF PROGRAM ON SUNDAY!!!!! The second week of February brings us a council meeting, I know in the past Nava has been underrepresented at council meetings so make sure to come. Valentines day we will most likely have an unofficial program because International Convention or IC is that weekend. On Monday 2/16 we have NO MEETING because IC was that weekend. The next program will be an LGBTQ inclusion program so make sure to come and learn about the LGBTQ community. The last week of the month we have a regular meeting. And to end off the month we are going to have a SUPER FUN MIT RUSH!! If you know any prospective members of Nava connect Anna or Rebecca so they can come to the MIT rush. Love you guys can’t wait to see your smiling faces throughout this month.



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