OMG it’s already March!! This month we have a ton of super awesome programs coming up so get excited. To start off the month we have a meeting at the JCC 3/2 . Next, we have a purim program on 3/7! Come to this event to learn about Purim through fun activities and also we will probably do a spirit day prep for a bit. On Sunday March 8 we have BBG SPIRIT DAY!! We have an awesome theme and great music so make sure to come to spirit day and show your nava spirit. Next we have a monday night meeting 3/9. On Friday 3/12 we have a standup program for shabbat! We will have a great shabbat together as well as learning about our stand up cause global access to education. Since we have shabbat we have NO SATURDAY NIGHT PROGRAM on 3/14. But don’t be sad because on 3/15 we have a J-serve program at the JCC followed by a Monday night meeting on 3/16. After that we have a SUPER AWESOME Mall Scavenger Hunt Program with Masada BBG from NOVA Council on 3/21. This is a program you DEFINITELY do not want to miss. On 3/23 we have a council meeting. Represent are chapter and come to the council meeting. To end the month we have a 3 waves of feminism and activism program on 3/28 and a chapter meeting at the JCC on 3/30. Can’t wait to see you all at our wonderful March programs. Love you guys:) If you ever need advice or just want to talk feel free to call or text me. With undying love for BBG, Spirit day, Purim, Shabbat and Betty Boop,

I remain CMS ❤

P.S Check out the Calendar (it rocks)


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