Hey Nava,

First of all enjoy spring break MCPS students from April 3-12. Because of the break we will not have a program on April 4th and April 6th we have no meeting! But don’t worry if your home for the break on April 11th we will be having a breaking passover movie night program! Get excited to watch a super great movie and bring potential members. On April 13th spring break ends:( No worries you will get to see your Nava friends again because we will be having a Monday night meeting. Next we will get to celebrate BBG and its founders for a week of fun! Bringing us then to the April 18th BBG history program and BBGS FOUNDERS DAY!!!! On April 20th we will have another regular chapter meeting. MARK YOUR CALENDARS because at the end of April from the 25th to the 26th we are having a wonderful chapter kallah sleepover coordinated and planned by our Sh’licha Madeline Swerdlow as well as some amazing steereers. The last event we have on this AMAZING APRIL is a chapter meeting at the JCC on April 27th! You guys rock.

WUL Your ST15 Maz,

Carly Steinberg


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