Aloha Nava,

I cannot believe that it is already MAY!! This month we start off with DC Council Convention @ Capital Camps!!! Then because of this May 4th we have NO MEETING. But don’t worry because on May 9th we have an LGBTQ inclusion program that will be very valuable and meaningful. On Monday May 11th we have a regular chapter meeting @ the JCC. Then on FRIDAY May 15th we have SHUL OF THE MONTH!! Be sure to come to this fun friday night program. On May 17th we have Chapter Board Elections for Fall Term 2015. Be sure to Caucus to Hannah Before May 7th and prepare a platform and speech OR you can run off the floor or get nominated. End of May gives us another Chapter Meeting on May 28th. On May 23rd we have our annual Nava goes Camping! This will be a fun outdoor program with time to bond with your Nava sisters. Our last meeting of the month will be on May 28th @ the JCC. To close off the month we have Relay for Life on May 30th. AND HANNAH’S STATES ON THE 31ST OF MAY! Can’t wait to see all of you lovely ladies this month.

WUL your ST ’15 Maz,

Carly Steinberg


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