Dear Nava BBG #2500,

I can’t believe that it is already the end of the term already. Hope you all have an amazing summer vacation but FIRST we have some incredible programs you should be looking forward to. On June 1 we have our last meeting at the JCC:( Tuesday June 2nd we have a fundraiser at California Tortilla from 5-9pm. Don’t forget to say “Nava” when you order your food. On June 6th you we have our annual Nava goes camping!! This will be a super fun campy program that you do not want to miss  (NOT A REAL CAMPING TRIP). Our very last program of the year is on June 13th and is Chapter Convention. Shout out to all the amazing steerers and coordinators of Chapter Convention!! The 2015 seniors will be giving life and this will be the very last program of the 2014-2015 year:( This is my last post to the website before the fantastic Nicole starts posting in the fall. I am so excited for her!

With undying love for Mazkirah, posting to the website, and nava social media,

I remain

Carly M. Steinberg


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