Navatastic November!

I can’t believe its halfway through the term already! This month we have some awesome programs and events to look forward to! On saturday the 7th is Nava and Beyla BBG shabbat! We will be celebrating shabbat and getting to know the girls of Beyla BBG. This is a super good program to make council friends that you don’t want to miss! Up next on saturday the 14th, is the DIY program. Get on your creative side and do things yourself at this crafty program. The next event is a sleepover! Its soon Brava 2015 from saturday the 21st to sunday the 27th. At this sleepover we will be doing lots of fun programs with our brother chapter, Brandise! We will be splitting up to different houses for when we go to sleep. Lastly, wednesday the 25th is the Sweetheart heartthrob dance! This is BBYO’s formal dance where everyone dresses up. Before the dance we will be taking pictures with brandise AZA. Get pumped, because this moth is going to be great!

With undying love for dances, shabbat, DIY, Pizza, and all of you,

I remain,

Nicole Rose Hyman


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