Joyfull January

Hey Nava! This is the last website post of the term, can you believe it? This is going to be a short post because spring term is around the corner. From Friday the 15th to Monday the 18th is RC!!!!!! This is the regional convention where WE WILL WIN THE SPIRIT GAVEL!!! Get pumped for this awesome convention. The following weekend on Sunday the 24th is states. This is where our N’sia will be giving her speech and a new board will be installed. This is a really important event in the term to go to so be there or be square! Finally I just want say how great a term it has been for me and how awesome it was to be Nava’s mazkirah! Thank you for such an amazing term and I will see you in SPRING TERM 2016!!!!!

With undying love for gavels, RC, spirit, piza, red and yellow, betty boop, an awesome term, a next great term to come, and each and every one of you lovely people,

I remain,

Nicole Rose Hyman


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