We are a chapter (or a sector of) a larger, international organization called the B’nai Brith Youth Organization (BBYO), which is the largest pluralistic Jewish Youth movement in the world and aims to teach teens leadership skills as they connect with their Jewish roots, help the community advocate for what they believe in and make friendships that last for a lifetime.

Nava is a chapter based in Montgomery County, MD. We focus primarily on Jewish heritage, community service, sisterhood and are incredibly tight-nit.

We have an executive board elected at the beginning of each term, chairs appointed by our chapter S’ganit (vice president), a vast array of conventions, and have weekly, teen-planned and led programs from 7-9 on Saturday nights (we head to the Silver diner afterwards) then Monday night meetings from 7-8 at the JCC.

Our chapter is a welcoming, effervescent family, interspersing a diverse variety of people and we encourage you to come join in the fun! If you are interested in our chapter, please email our Member-In-Training (MIT) Mom at navamitmom@gmail.com. If you would like to find out more about our chapter, feel free to browse this website, especially the “About” section if you’re looking for information and fun facts.

You have already found our website, but now you can also find us on Facebook (Nava BBG #2500) or on twitter and instagram (@navabbg)!


Chapter colors: Red & yellow

Chapter song: What I like About You by Lillix

Charter Number: 2500

Unofficial chapter songs: Call Me Maybe, Hotel Room Service, etc.

Mascot: Betty Boop

Year of foundation: 2004

Founder: Lindsay Smith

Chapter movie: Mean Girls

Brother chapter: Brandeis AZA

Sister chapter: Ahavah BBG


-Brava — an annual, fabulous convention with our brother chapter, Brandeis, usually occuring in October or November

-Nahavah shabbat — an annual shabbat with our sister chapter, Ahavah, usually in March or April

-Eating Spooey — an activity Navajos LOVE to partake in; spooey is a dish made up of pretzels dipped in frosting, is the international BBG food and you should not judge it until you’ve tried it because BBGs from across the world (myself included) think it is DE-LICIOUS

-Good & Welfare — an activity done at night (usually at sleepovers) where we pass around a candle and usually spooey (see definition above) where everyone discusses their personal lives and nothing that is said at Good & Welfare can be told elsewhere

-Putting our all into NRE RC (regional convention) spirit-wise and usually not putting much effort into Spirit Day spirit (all though we do ROCK at oratory)

-Strong Community service and advocacy/social action programming — two folds that Nava is known for being strong in

Cheers: “Oh she thinks she’s bad”

We are in Nava and we shake it every day, when we walk down the street the boys all say hey!



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