Board Messages

Messages from Fall Term 2016 Board!!! 🙂

N’siah-Carly Steinberg: Hey Nava! This term has been incredible thus far! At the beginning of the term we consistently had 18 or more girls at programs. Keep this up! If you have any ideas for this term please share them with me. Also, if you have any pictures that I could include in communications please send them to me. We have board caucus opening in mid November and elections are very important to our chapter so start thinking about it if you would like to run! I highly encourage you to consider running please talk to me, Katie, Jill, or Risa. The sweetheart heartthrob dance is coming up on November 23! Make sure to register on B-Linked. You guys are awesome!

WUL, Carly Steinberg

S’ganit-Becca Carin: Hey Nava! There are some amazing programs coming up and I hope you’re all excited! If you want to host let me know so we can get it on the calendar! Also, if you have a program idea, please fill out the form that I’ve created! Also, I’m going to send out program evaluation form again so you can tell me about the last few programs anonymously!

WUL, Becca

Mit Moms-Leia Cohen and Sydney White: Hey Nava! Not much is going on right now, but keep sending us information for girls who might be intrested!

WUL, Sydney and Leia

Sh’licha-Jess Michell: Hey Nava! Keep your eye out for news on Global Shabbat! Also I haven’t forgotten about the standup shirts.

– Jess

Gizborit-Janel Berlinger: Hey guys! So our first restaurant night will be at Cheeburger Cheeburger and the date hasn’t been set but it will be soon! Also I want to get wearables out so if you have any ideas let me know! It’ll be fun times!


Mazkirah-Leah Bloshteyn: Hey Nava!! Keep your eye out for supa cute posts on social media and keep checking the website for upcoming events and Nava news 🙂 send in any pics or things you would like to see!!! Thanks for all the help so far this term ❤

WUL, Leah Bloshteyn

Sunshine girls-Danielle Cohen and Alana Frankel: Hi Nava!!! We hope that you guys are having a great school year so far!! We want to remind you all that we are always here for you and that you can always come talk to us!! Make sure to let us know if you have a birthday during this term and let us know someone you want to nominate for the weekly Ray of Sunshine!

-Danielle Cohen and Alana Frankel

Madricha-Katie Schreck: Hey Nava! This term has been ROCKIN so far, you are all doing awesome! Remember that I am here for y’all if you need anything! I’m curently making a ~chill time~ playlist for you guys which should be done soon! Also, feel free to talk to me about running for NLTI coordinator if you are interested in it! (which you all should be!)

WUL for ALL OF YOU, I forver remain, Katie Jayne Schreck



Hey guys! Here are some messages from your Spring Term 2015 Board.

April 2015

n’siah’s note Hey Nava! Hope you are all doing well! It’s crazy to think that we are getting towards the end of the term but it is coming right around the corner! That means a lot of stuff is happening in these last months. A huge part of the end of the term is Chapter Board Elections. Elections are extremely important to any chapter in BBYO. Having a board that we all elect is the backbone of having a strong chapter. I highly encourage each and everyone of you to open up the election packet and take a look and consider running for a position. If you want to talk to anyone feel free to contact me, Sam or Rose. You are all wonderful members of Nava and have the ability to do so much! 
 WUL, Hannah

s’ganit’s schpiel Hiya Nava,
 Hope you are all enjoying all this awesome warm weather! Even though the term is starting to wind down we still have so many great programs left so stay pumped! May/June will be featuring Nava Goes Camping, Relay for Life, Chapter Convention and so much more! woooohooooo. We want to keep attendance up, so be sure that YOU are at these fantastic events. xxoo, Rachel 
 p.s. The Chair of the Month for April is EVERYONE! Keep up all the great work, chairs!

mit mom’s message Hey everyone! We are so thrilled to see many girls inviting friends to programs. If you have a Jewish friend who would be perfect for Nava, being her to an event! Girls have said that they love Nava, and that is because of the spirit you all being to each event. Keep rocking and let us know of any potential members! WUL, Rebecca and Anna

sh’licha’s special Hi guys! Wow! A lot happened over chapter kallah weekend!! Thank you so much to everyone who came, it was so great to see so many people there! We did so much through the Israeli cake decorating contest (those cakes were delicious, right?!) and the amazingly funny and creative israeli song and dance numbers!! We then moved into a really great social action program about our standup cause of global access to education! Then we moved into our annual holocaust program which took us through what life was like for a teenage girl who went from living a normal life to living is auschwitz. After that program, we did a fun community service activity where groups made blankets to be donated to stepping stones shelter as well as collected toiletries to donate! I will be donating those supplies to stepping stones soon! Finally we had our sisterhood program where we had lots of fun making bracelets and writing things about different nava members on “gossip flyers”. Lastly, we had a discussion on the night’s theme of “what is your journey” and how you have abilities that can effect change in others. I had so so much fun planning kallah and am so sad that it’s over, but I hope you all had so much fun and I’m so proud and thankful for everyone who worked on this and put so much effort into it!
 With undying love for chapter kallah 2015, journeys, blue and white angel food cakes, spooey, spooey shopping, and nava bbg #2500, I remain
 Madeline Swerdlow

gizborit’s gossip Hey Nava! Right now I’m currently planning a bake sale! Hopefully everything will work out and by the time this boop scoop comes out, there will be a date! Half of the earnings will be going to our stand up cause! Keep on being awesome! WUL for Nava, Betty Boop, pizza, and bake sales, I remain, 
 Nicole Rose Hyman

mazkirah’s memo Hey Nava!
 I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to spring. Be sure to send me pictures from events you’d like me to post. As always check out the website because it’s super awesome! If you have any feedback id love to hear it. Lastly, make sure to follow and like all the Nava accounts on social media and respond to the Facebook events! WUL, Carly

sunshine girl’s scoop hey nava! please please please give me or Leia your gifts. we still need a few from the first exchange and a lot from the one going on right now. other than that, there’s nothing going on around here. here’s a nice quote to end this on, “Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it, and every person a mission.” -Becca and Leia

madricha’s moment HI Nava!
 I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring weather! Keep watching for and advice video in the facebook group very soon. If you have something that you want advice on, please check out the google survey posted in the Nava group called “Nava’s Advice Column.” And remember, your submission are totally anonymous. As always, I’m always here if you need to talk to someone! Remember to take a break from the stress of fourth quarter and AP tests and enjoy some fresh air and exercise once and a while, get those endorphins kicking and I know you will feel better afterwards! If you have any questions/comments/concerns Nava related or not, I’d love to chat with you about them anytime. Stay swell!
 WUL, Samantha Rachel Myers


March 2015

n’siah’s note: Hey Nava!! I hope you are all recovering from all the snow! In case you weren’t there, at one of our chapter meetings, we had an open forum. I heard things that you all wanted from the chapter. I am excited to take these ideas and try and implement them the best I can! I want to bring up attendance! Having strong attendance is crucial to our chapter. We have been doing so well, but I know we can do better! So, try reaching out to someone you live near and offering a ride if you can, or message a prospective or older member you want to see at a program and invite them to come with you! As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, contact me anytime! 
 WUL, I remain, Hannah Lena Garelick

s’ganit’s schpiel: Hey there! It’s already the middle of the term! Wowwy! I guess we’ve just been having TOO much fun at all of our programs so far! Thanks to everyone who has planned or hosted a program so far! We have so many great programs coming up (Chapter Kallah and Council Convention!) so stay tuned! Shout-out to the February Chairs of the Month, Diane and Shoval! Your quotes and DIY projects of the week have been lots of fun. Don’t forget that all of the chairs have been working very hard to make Nava an extra special place!
 WUL, Rachel Hyman

mit mom’s message: Hi Nava! 
 We are so happy to see MITs at programs! Keep bringing girls to programs and meetings-it is never too late! Thank you for creating such a welcoming environment for MITs as they come into the chapter! Many girls have told us they love Nava, and that is because of YOU. WUL, Rebecca and Anna

sh’licha’s special: Hey Nava!!!We’ve done a lot this month! We just had our standup program where we made the pencil pouches, and wrote notes!!! Next, we had Jserve with Brandeis, where we made OVER 100 GIFT BAGS to give to the children at NIH!!! You all should be so proud of yourselves for making all those bags! Coming up later in April we CHAPTER KALLAH!!! A steering app will be coming out soon and I encourage you all to apply! Also, remember to keep bringing extra stamps to meetings throughout the term! The Stamping Out Intolerance project will be continuing from now until the last meeting of the term. It’s for a really good cause to raise awareness for tolerance and to create a symbolic memorial for the 6 million Jews lost during the Holocaust. WUL for the end of third quarter, spring break 2015, warmer weather, and of course Nava BBG, I remain,
 Madeline Swerdlow

gizborit’s gossip: Hi Nava! I’m writing this before the blaze pizza fundraiser but this boop scoop article is probably coming out after, so I hope everyone had a good time at the fundraiser! I’m currently working on other fundraising activities so I will keep everyone updated on what’s happening. Keep donating to I$F! 
 With undying love for Nava, red and yellow, Betty boop, and pizza, I remain, Nicole Rose Hyman

mazkirah’s memo: Hey Nava, 
 I hope you guys are having an awesome second semester! Check out the website I update at the beginning of the month with the calendar, posts and more! Check Nava’s social media accounts because they are amazing:) Stay awesome love all of you. WUL, Carly Steinberg

sunshine girl’s scoop: Hey Nava! 
 Leia and I are hoping that you all are enjoying the secret sister activities! Other than that, there’s nothing much going on on our end. If you have any ideas that you would like to see feel free to message me or Leia at any time. “One kind word can change someone’s entire day.”WUL, Becca and Leia

madricha’s update: Hey girls! Hope you all are doing well! Last month I made the google survey for Nava’s advice column, so go check that out in the facebook group and submit anything that you want advice about anonymusly. As always, I’m here if you want someone to talk to, need cute baby animals pictures to cheer you up, or want music recommendations! Love you all! WUL, Sam


February 2015

Heyhey Nava!! I hope you are all loving these crazy snowstorms! Even if it doesn’t feel like it, it really is SPRING TERM! Spring term is known for energy and enthusiasm and thats exactly what we are going to do. There are some amazing programs lined up for upcoming months. this term all reimbursements will go in through the reimbursement googledoc form. This helps keep the money very organized. Please never hesitate to ask me any questions. I am always here for questions, concerns and comments. You can always reach me on facebook, email (
WUL, Hannah Lena Garelick

Hiya Navajos! WOW! This term has started off with a bang! With the kickoff dance, intake night, and the Zumba, Nava has been rockin. We have many exciting programs ahead! Also, we are always in need of hosts so please ask your parents if they would be able to volunteer. I greatly appreciate all hosts! If you host this term you will get your name in a raffle for a diner gift card! (1 prog=1 entry and 1 sleepover=5 entries) Quick shout out to all of the fantastic chairs!

xoxo, Rachel Hyman

Hey everyone! We are so excited to be your MIT moms for spring term!!! Intake night was a huge success and we got a ton of girls’ emails, but we would love to have even more prospectives coming to our events, so it’s YOUR job to help find girls who you think would love Nava! Coming up on the 28th is MIT Rush and it’s going to be unforgettable!!! We can’t wait to see what this term has in store!

WUL for MITS, sisterhood, and all of Nava, we remain Anna Marcus and Rebecca Eisen

Hey girls!! I’m very excited to start this term!! Our new standup cause is…. GLOBAL ACCESS TO EDUCATION!!! We are having a standup/shabbat on March 13 and then we have J-serve with Brandeis on the 15th!! I also have some ideas for some fun, extended havdallahs in the works! A quick fact about our standup cause to get you thinking about global education: the national graduation rate in the US has risen an average of 1.3% annually since 2006! See you all soon!
 WUL, Madeline Swerdlow

Hey Nava! Get pumped because right now, I am planning a fundraiser that will probably be in March! I will keep you girls updated on whats going on for that. I don’t really have much left to say but I do plan on in the future having some ISF activities such as raffles or auctions. Keep being awesome, Nava!
With undying love for fundraising, red and yellow, pizza, spooey, and Nava, I remain,

Nicole Rose Hyman

Hey girls! This is the February 2015 Boop Scoop! I hope everyone is enjoying their month, and still doing snow dances! This edition is convention themed, so pick a page and read about your favorite convention! Also, big thank you to everyone who wrote, making my first Boop Scoop awesome! I cannot wait for an amazing term with all of you awesome people! 
WUL, Katie

Hey Nava! Hope you are all having an amazing start to the term! I hope you all continue to look at the website for the months calendar so you know what’s coming up. This term I plan to use Nava’s social media to increase attendance at meetings and programs. I want to increase our sisterhood by using Nava compliments so keep the compliments coming! If you ever need anything feel free to come to me. Also if you have any suggestions or ideas for me id love to hear them. Love you guys !

WUL, Carly Steinberg

Hey Nava! We’re super excited to be your Sunshine girls for this term! We have some new ideas for this term, so be ready for sunshine! If you ever need cheering up, you just want to talk, or you have some ideas for us, feel free to message either one of us! Here’s a quote from Dr. Seuss, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

WUL, Becca and Leia

Hey hey Nava! I’m Madricha for this term, which means that I’m here as a resource to help you or give you advice whenever you need it. I’m planning to make a google form soon that you can as for advice anonmysusly, and I will make a column in the boop scoop (yay!) or maybe make some advice videos for the Nava group to answer questions. Remember that I’m always here if you need anything regarding BBYO, school, friends…etc! Love you all and remember that you all are MY VALENTINES!!

WUL, Samantha Rachel Myers

WUL Your ST15 Mazkirah, CMS


Messages from you 2014 Fall Term Board!

November 2014

N’siah Sam Myers: hey Nava! Greetings from your N’siah! This term is going off great! We’ve had super fun and meaningful programs and meetings and I’ve loved seeing many of you stepping up to plan some awesome programs and doing great things on board and as chairs! One thing that I think we need to work on is attendance. With this being a busier time of year with school and homecoming and such, I totally understand that it’s hard to get to meetings and programs and such. But Nava really is all about the members, so when you can come to a program come, and bring all your Nava friends! Each and every one of you members is important in the growth of Nava. Can’t wait to see your smiling faces more in this upcoming month because you won’t want to miss out on these amazing things we have in store! Be on a look out for incentives in comms and at meetings, and remember about the cool attendance system we are still using! With Undying Love for Nava, Betty Boop, red and yellow, the Boop Scoop, and all the members of Nava BBG, I remain, Samantha Rachel Myers

S’ganit Hannah Garelick: Hope you all are doing well. Remember to keep coming to Nava events because YOU create the chapter!! Also, always write down ideas for programs and even write an outline if you have a little extra time because we always need to be generating ideas! If you ever want or need anything from me or the chapter please let me know! I always want to hear what you are feeling. WUL, I forever Remain,
Hannah Lena Garelick

MIT Mom Amy Berger: Hey Everyone! Thanks for being so spirited and energetic at intake night and I hope you all had fun at rush! Keep up the great work and remember to bring potential members to programs! Also, if there’s a girl you haven’t seen in a while in nava be sure to shoot them a message and let them know you miss them! Have a great day ily all!

Sh’licha Rachel Hyman: Happy Sukkot Nava! Do you know the answers to these trivia questions about this awesome holiday??
1. How many days is sukkot?
2. What are the 3 branches that make up the lulav?
3. How many walls must a sukkah have?
4. What is this holiday commemorating?
5. What does the etrog represent?
Also, thanks to everyone who has brought in cans for DC Council’s Can-Tribute! Keep on bringing in all that nonperishable food so that our district can be on top!
Xoxo, Rachel

Gizborit Ronnie Schoen: Hey Navajos! So be sure to go to the fundraiser on October 21st! Unfortunately nobody except for my family has completed their challenges, but it’s not too late! Promote like crazy! We came in last place for change wars but between the four chapters we raised $233.40! Get ready to see me getting pied! Be on the lookout for a fundraiser at the azaa game and a bake sale! Peace out Girl Scouts!-Ronnie

Katvanit Anna Marcus: Hi girls! I hope everyone has enjoyed their first quarter of school, and that you all aren’t too stressed out! Fall is amazing for so many reasons; the leaves change color, you can break out your boots and big sweaters, you can carve pumpkins, and so much more. Also, I hope everyone is/has having/had a blast at their school’s homecoming. I am excited with how the fall term has been going so far, but am super pumped about our new penpals,Ginny Weinstein BBG in Texas! If you signed up, you will write a letter every other Wednesday, and receive one from you penpal on the weeks you don’t write! I want to have more people writing for the next edition of the Boop Scoop! Also, shout out to my incredible chair Barbara, you have been the biggest help to me and I love you! With undying love for writing, sweaters, salted caramel hot chocolate and Halloween, I remain Anna Hurwitz Marcus

Mazkirah Katie Schreck: hi chicas! i hope everyone had a happy and healthy new year! so much has happened this term, like communication calls and the making of the directory! I am having a blast managing all of the social media, and running the communication calls! be on the look out for plenty of more how-to videos. As i want to increase attendance at each program, there will be much more advertisement of programs! if anyone has any suggestions or ideas please do not hesitate to give me a ring! With undying love for comm calls, the redskins defense, and Hoodie Allen, i forever remain, Katie Jayne Schreck

Sunshine Girl Diane Hurwitz: Hi nava! I hope everyone has had a great first couple weeks of school! Please continue talking to your families and completing the activities! Also, did you know that cats have over 100 vocal sounds while dogs only have 10? WUL, Diane Cara Hurwitz

Madricha Mimi Sieradzki:  Hey Nava!! I hope that you are all having a really awesome school year so far. I know this is the point in the year where things start getting very stressful, but you can all do it! If you ever need motivation, ideas, or just wanna talk, hit me up. You can Facebook chat me, call me, text me, or we can hang out in person. I’m here to support you guys! Also, remember if you have any questions ever or you’re having a problem, come to me. Love you all!! Love, Mimi Tamar Sieradzki

WUL, FT14 Maz Katie Schreck


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