Since the foundation of Nava, an elected board has worked extremely hard for the success of the chapter. Following is a list of all Nava boards since the beginning! I hope this list serves as a good source of information or inspiration for all members. Past Nava members and BBGs have led us to where we are now and its our responsibility to remember them and what they have done. Collected by Nava’s previous Mazkirim.


Spring Term 2017

N’siah– Becca Carin

S’ganit–  Leia Cohen

MIT Mom– Nicole Hyman

Sh’licha– Janel Berlinger

Gizborit– Leah Bloshteyn

Katvanit– Marisa Sliverman

Mazkirah– Julia Herman

Sunshine Girls– Sydeny Rodman and Emily Sliver

Madricha– Carly Steinberg

Fall Term 2016

N’siah–Carly Steinberg

S’ganit–  Becca Carin

MIT Moms– Sydney White and Leia Cohen

Sh’licha– Jess Mitchell

Gizborit– Janel Berlinger

Katvanit– Emma Thoms

Mazkirah– Leah Bloshteyn

Sunshine Girls– Alana Frankel and Danielle Cohen

Madricha– Katie Shreck

Spring Term 2016

N’siah– Katie Schreck

S’ganit– Diane Hurwitz

MIT Moms– Ronnie Schoen and Carly Steinberg

Sh’licha– Becca Carin

Gizborit– Leia Cohen

Katvanit– Rachel Sneeringer

Mazkirah– Sydney White

Sunshine Girls– Leah Bloshteyn and Molly Gleicher

Madricha– Rachel Hyman

FALL Term 2015

N’siah– Rachel Hyman

S’ganit– Carly Steinberg

MIT Moms– Diane Hurwitz and Allie Goldstein

Sh’licha– Katie Schreck

Gizborit– Becca Carin

Katvanit– Ronnie Schoen

Mazkirah– Nicole Hyman

Sunshine Girls– Sydney White and Janel Berlinger

Madricha– Hannah Garelick

Spring Term 2015:

N’siah — Hannah Garelick

S’ganit — Rachel Hyman

MIT Moms — Anna Marcus and Rebecca Eisen

Sh’licha — Madeline Swerdlow

Gizborit — Nicole Hyman

Katvanit — Katie Schreck

Mazkirah — Carly Steinberg

Sunshine Girls — Becca Carin and Leia Cohen


Fall Term 2014:

N’siah — Sam Myers

S’ganit — Hannah Garelick

MIT Mom — Amy Berger

Sh’licha — Rachel Hyman

Gizborit — Ronnie Schoen

Katvanit — Anna Marcus

Mazkirah — Katie Schreck

Sunshine Girl — Diane Hurwitz

Madricha — Mimi Sieradzki

Spring Term 2014:

N’siah — Mimi Sieradzki

S’ganit — Sam Myers

MIT Mom — Sally Tuszynski

Sh’licha — Hannah Garelick

Gizborit — Julia Gilman

Katvanit — Rachel Hyman

Mazkirah — Rebecca Eisen

Sunshine Girl — Nicole Hyman

Madricha — Jordyn Chace

Fall Term 2013:

N’siah — Sara Migler

S’ganit — Mimi Sieradzki

MIT Mom — Rachel Mayl

Sh’licha — Sally Tuszynski

Gizborit — Lee Kirshenboim

Katvanit — Allie Goldstsin

Mazkirah — Julia Gilman

Sunshine Girls — Ronnie Schoen & Amy Berger

Madricha — Jordyn Chace

Spring Term 2013:

N’siah — Jordyn Chace

S’ganit — Sara Migler

Mit Mom — Ronit Feifer

Sh’licha — Mimi Sieradzki

Gizborit — Sam Myers

Katvanit — Sally Tuszynski

Mazkirah — Allie Lowy

Sunshine Girls — Rebecca Eisen & Allie Goldstein

Madricha — Jayme Bergman

Fall Term 2012:

N’siah — Jayme Bergman

S’ganit — Jordyn Chace

Mit Mom — Rachel Wilcove

Sh’licha — Sara Migler

Gizborit — Ronit Feifer

Katvanit — Rachel Jackson

Mazkirah — Hannah Handloff

Sunshine Girls — Mimi Sieradzki & Sally Tuszynski

Madricha — Sarah Strum

Spring Term 2012:

N’siah — Sarah Strum

S’ganit — Jayme Bergman

Mit Mom — Jordyn Chace

Sh’licha — Heather Brody

Gizborit — Sam Kevy

Katvanit — Sara Migler

Mazkirah — Ronit Feifer

Sunshine Girl — Sam Myers

Madricha — Leah Kraft

Fall Term 2011:

N’siah — Leah Kraft

S’ganit — Sarah Strum

Mit Mom — Jordyn Chace

Sh’licha — Jayme Bergman

Gizborit — Heather Brody

Katvanit — Rachel Wilcove

Mazkirah — Sam Kevy

Sunshine Girl — Erica Baum

Madricha — Ali Jawetz

Spring Term 2011:

N’siah — Ali Jawetz

S’ganit — Leah Kraft

Mit Mom — Robyn Bernstein

Sh’licha — Simon Holzer

Gizborit — Sarah Strum

Katvanit — Jordyn Chace

Mazkirah — Arielle Panitch

Sunshine Girl — Jayme Bergman

Madricha — Emily Schreck

Fall Term 2010:

N’siah — Emily Schreck

S’ganit — Ali Jawetz

Mit Mom — Jenna Goldstein

Sh’licha — Joanna Kramer

Gizborit — Simone Holzer

Katvanit — Robyn Bernstein

Mazkirah — Sara Jaller

Sunshine Girl — Sarah Strum

Madricha — Nora Padison

Spring Term 2010:

N’siah — Nora Padison

S’ganit — Emily Schreck

Mit Mom — Ali Jawetz

Sh’licha — Mira Fein

Gizborit — Leah Kraft

Katvanit — Joanna Kramer

Mazkirah — Robyn Bernstein

Sunshine Girl — Simone Holzer

Madricha — Ty Migdal

Fall Term 2009:

N’siah — Ty Migdal

S’ganit — Nora Padison

Mit Mom — Maddie Krueger

Sh’licha — Jessica Migler

Gizborit — Ali Jawetz

Katvanit — Emily Schreck

Mazkirah — Joanna Kramer

Sunshine Girl — Elena M

Madricha — Amy Lieberman

Spring Term 2009:

N’siah — Amy Lieberman

S’ganit — Lindsay Perrault

Mit Mom — Ty Migdal

Sh’licha — Naomi Rybeck

Gizborit — Emily Schreck

Katvanit — Maddie Krueger

Mazkirah — Ali Jawetz

Sunshine Girl — Leah Kraft

Madricha — Rose A

Fall Term 2008:

N’siah — Rose A
S’ganit — Amy L
MIT Mom — Amelia E
Sh’licha — Lindsey P
Gizborit — Lindsay R
Katvanit — Ty M
Mazkirah — Naomi R
Sunshine Girl — Maddie K
Madricha — Laura E

Spring Term 2008:

N’siah — Laura E

S’ganit — Rose A

Mit Mom — Gabi F

Sh’licha — Amy Lieberman

Gizborit — Nora Padison

Katvanit — Naomi R

Mazkirah — Lindsay R

Sunshine Girl — Julie C

Madricha — Melissa Z

Fall Term 2007:

N’siah — Melissa Z

S’ganit — Laura E

Mit Mom — Rose A

Sh’licha — Amelia E

Gizborit — Rachel L

Katvanit — Amy Lieberman

Mazkirah — Lindsay Perrault

Sunshine Girl — Jessica Evans

Madricha — Becca T

Spring Term 2007:

N’siah  — Becca T

S’ganit — Melissa Z

Mit Mom — Marissa P

Sh’licha — Laura E

Gizborit — Rose A

Katvanit — Amelia E

Mazkirah — Gabi F

Sunshine Girl — Rachel J

Madricha — Cari R

Fall Term 2006:

N’siah — Cari R

S’ganit — Rebecca T

Mit Mom — Talia H

Sh’licha — Melissa Z

Gizborit — Sahar S

Katvanit — Laura E

Mazkirah — Michelle H

Sunshine Girls — Linsday R & Gabi F

Madricha — Hagar H

Spring Term 2006

N’siah — Hagar H

S’ganit — Cari R

Mit Mom — Rebecca T

Sh’licha — Jenn A

Gizborit — Melissa Z

Katvanit — Talia H

Mazkirah — Sahar S

Sunshine Girl — Michelle H

Madricha — Jenn A

Fall Term 2005:

N’siah — Jenn A

S’ganit — Hagar H

Mit Mom — Cari R

Sh’licha — Rebecca T

Gizborit — Kimmie G

Mazkirah — Melissa Z

**No Sunshine Girl or Madricha**

Spring Term 2005:

N’siah — Lindsay S

S’ganit — Jennifer A

Mit Mom — Kimmie G

Mazkirah/Gizborit — Cari R


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