the MIT Bit

This section will be a helpful page for all of NAVA BBG’s Spring Term 2017 MITS and is currently being written by Nava’s ST ’17 MIT Mom, Nicole Hyman To contact, email

Hey everyone! Hope you as excited for Fall Term to start as I am!

Ever since I went to my first program, I have never felt more passion for a group of people more than I have for my Nava sisters. We all know that Nava is filled with the most amazing, wonderful, passionate girls in all of NRE. And this term is no different. Right now we have so much forward momentum, but we have to keep it going!

The best way to do this is to RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS! Recruitment is so important, and I can’t think of a better group of girls to help me out. As the term is starting, reach out! Invite girls to our programs! Make some new friends!

And of course, call, text, skype, snapchat, handwrite me letters, and send me mental messages anytime!!!

With Undying Love for Betty Boop, CLTC 7 ’14, red and yellow, DC Council, MITs, and of course all my beautiful Nava sisters, I remain,

Amy Berger


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